About US


Every day, our vehicle safety research and analysis moves transportation safety forward.

The dedicated data scientists at Impact Research gather, analyze, and translate meaningful data that drives the safety of global transportation systems.

Our multidisciplinary technicians excel at identifying patterns and extracting meaning from public and private crash data sources.

By considering the bigger picture, our experts are able to answer today’s most pressing questions about transportation safety, ultimately improving the welfare of countless drivers and passengers.

Making Roads Safer
with Intelligence and Ingenuity

Impact Research team members work with data systems, web applications, and custom software solutions which yield a number of technological advantages, including:

  • Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to identify patterns in human and machine collected data and in unstructured words
  • Seamless query and reporting of multiple data streams to provide a more complete picture
  • Custom web applications to more easily access and maintain large datasets
  • High resolution scanning and full 3D simulations to provide more accurate crash reconstructions

Gaining Insight from Multiple Disciplines

Co-founded and operated by Dr. Janet Bahouth and Dr. George Bahouth, Impact Research comprises a number of experienced subject matter experts committed to improving the safety and welfare of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and road users of all kinds.


Discover how Impact Research can help you help others.

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