Crash Investigation

Conducting an accident investigation root cause analysis is an essential step toward improving vehicle safety. 

Uncovering the Root Causes of Crashes

The in-depth analysis of real world crashes typically inspires the most relevant statistical studies and offers a deeper understanding of today’s transportation safety problems.

Crash investigation allows our subject matter experts to collect, evaluate, and understand root causes of crashes. Often, these lessons allow for better informed policy and technology evaluations, while serving as an early warning system for emerging safety issues in the field.

Investigation allows us to provide comprehensive crash reports – including data records – to our clients.

Compiling a Clinical Case for Evaluation

Our seasoned crash investigation staff conducts in-depth data collection including:

  • Scene and accident factors
  • Vehicle characteristics
  • Occupant characteristics
  • Behavioral factors
  • Telephone and in-person interviews
  • In-depth PAR, licensing, and hospital records collection

State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning

As part of our crash data collection process, we perform high resolution laser scanning using the Leica Geosystems Scan Station C-10 system.

This time of flight scanning system captures the geometry of visible structures up to 200 m from the scan location.  We conduct high resolution scanning of crashes and non-crashed vehicles, crash scenes, and structures on an as-needed basis.

Using the point cloud captured during the scan, a full 3D replica of the scanned object or scene offers many important benefits for subsequent analysis and simulation.

In the case of a crashed vehicle, such replicas allow us to conduct a more accurate crash reconstruction, including:

  • Pre-crash speeds
  • Crash energy absorbed
  • Delta-V, primary direction of force

Additionally, compartment intrusion profiles and intruding structures can be characterized and this data may serve as a basis for occupant simulations and analysis.

Scene data is useful for documenting vehicle path of travel and trajectory during case reviews.

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