Custom Data analytics tools

24/7 Data Collection

Impact Research actively maintains data warehouses and archives and linked data files containing highway, vehicle, and travel related data.

Our data integration tools utilize linkage techniques for connecting crash and injury information between data sources. The data system includes multiple data warehouses with a central data dictionary for seamless query and reporting.

Wrangling Data from Many Sources

A multitude of ETL processes perform automatic 24/7 data collection from various sources, including:

  • Weather stations
  • Real-time telemetry sensors
  • Publicly available datasets
  • Customer-collected datasets

All data is aggregated in our information systems. These include data warehouses, data streams, which can be accessed through our secure web portal, using standard SQL or through commercial data analysis and processing tools like SAS, SPSS, R or MatLAB.

Impact Research can provide a variety of custom data integration tools or custom data visualization interfaces to support your business and research needs.

Easier Access and Maintenance for Large Datasets

Impact Research has created web applications to produce publication-ready reports, content-management systems, and geo-information systems.

Our general purpose Data Framework interface allows access to our data warehouse with statistical analysis tools like SAS or R. This interface allows us to move disparate datasets while providing only semantically meaningful details about queries and reports. The interface implements streaming data and currently provides seamless access to databases with up to 26 billion rows per table.

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