Data Analysis

Mining Data from Real World Situations

Impact Research specializes in analyzing crash data from public and private sources to study motor vehicle safety in the real world. We regularly gather data from myriad places, determine where and how it fits together, and turn it into something that makes sense. That is what makes us unique.

We Can Data Wrangle with the Best of Them

  • Perform probabilistic linkage of disparate data sources to
    • Improve insights gained from the data.
    • Draw conclusions based on representative samples.
  • Crash Data Analysis including:
    • NASS, CISS, CRSS and FARS files
    • State crash records
    • Driver licensing files
    • U.S. Census data
    • Vehicle registration data
    • Automated Crash Notification data
    • Automotive OEM data

Our research includes effectiveness evaluations of safety technologies in the field, regulations and policy changes, and development of data collection and monitoring technologies to support the needs of our clients.

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