Evaluation Research

Assessing the Impact of Change in Our World

Our staff specializes in policy and technology evaluation research, often in the form of product safety assessments. We regularly draw from extensive subject matter expertise to conduct in-depth analyses of existing and emerging motor vehicle safety systems and their impact on:

  • Crash involvement
  • Injury likelihood
  • Risk of death for drivers in the U.S. and around the world

Our ongoing and past evaluation studies have supported both automotive industry and local, state, and federal government clients.

Evaluating Military and Trauma Care Intervention

Our team has conducted evaluations of health interventions for the U.S. military and trauma care community. These studies utilize advanced data collection and evaluation techniques to assess quality, efficacy, and efficiency of care for our military and civilian population.

Maximizing Potential with Advanced Technical Processes

Our staff applies rigorous statistical tests and modeling procedures during all of our studies:

  • Analyze injury risk and its relationship to driving behavior and motor vehicle safety systems to determine key factors in preventing injury.
  • Use advanced methods such as regression modeling, generalized linear models, survival analysis, and time-series analysis in our work (our statisticians evaluate and choose from a wide array of methodologies before our work begins).
  • Utilize sophisticated statistical programming tools in-house, including Statistical Analysis System (SAS), R, and SUDAAN, for the analysis of complex data.
  • Conduct in-depth research on the impact of sample design, non-sampling errors, and weighting schemes on statistical inference.
  • Extensive experience in linking data to enhance the analyses

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