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Routine research, data visualization analytics, and investigations conducted by our team of experts helps to quantify the potential effectiveness of systems and practices deployed by transportation and motor vehicle industries worldwide.

These core areas of expertise include:

Evaluation Research

Our experts conduct in-depth analyses of existing and emerging motor vehicle safety systems and their impact on crash involvement, injury likelihood, and risk of death for drivers around the world. We also provide routine evaluations of health intervention for U.S. military and trauma care communities.

Injury Analysis

Collaboration with medical doctors and trauma experts aid our analysts in determining the most common injury modes associated with motor vehicle crashes and the prevalence of such injuries.

Data Analysis

Based on public and private crash data sources, our research includes effectiveness evaluations for safety technologies, policies, and regulations, as well as the development of data collection and monitoring technologies. Machine learning is central to development of predictive and natural language processing models. Data visualization provides valuable meaning and context.

Data Collection & Surveys

Our staff members are skilled in data storage, capture, cleaning and verification, and routinely analyze large quantities of data from public sources and specialty collections.

Crash Investigation

Analysis of real world crashes typically provides the most relevant statistical studies, while offering a more thorough understanding of the safety issues still faced by today’s motorists.

Custom Analytics Tools

Active data archives and linked data files provide access to a wealth of state and Federal highway, vehicle, and travel related data.

Impact Research’s expertise is brought to bear on a number of ongoing studies, projects, and published works.



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