Data Collection and Surveys

Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis

Our team’s data collection activities include traditional “boots on the ground” methods and practices, as well as data mining from online and electronic sources.

Our research staff specializes in:

  • Storage
  • Capture
  • Cleaning
  • Verification

We routinely obtain large quantities of data from public sources (like state DMVs or highway authorities) or specialty collections (like hospital data or observational studies) for analysis.

Survey Data

In support of multiple projects, our team routinely develops surveys to understand participant attitudes, behaviors, and demographics related to safety and injury topics.

We administer traditional paper surveys using both guided and non-guided approaches and we utilize online and mobile device interfaces for data collection, as well.

We have developed multiple robust applications offering geo-enabled, live and cached data collection systems in support of past research.

Observational Studies

Among other activities, Impact Research staff supports the State of Maryland Adult Seat Belt Use Traffic Survey, which contributes to the NHTSA National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) system.

Our researchers have conducted roadside observations at over 160 sites across the state to assess belt wearing rates, incidence of cell phone use, and use of child safety seats in passenger vehicles.

Observational methods, staff, and procedures support other field data collection work in the area of driver behavior and traffic monitoring.

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