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Understanding the complex relationship between drivers, passengers, their environment, the vehicle safety systems deployed to protect them, and countless other variables is a continuous process involving multiple moving parts and vast quantities of data.

Impact Research is a growing business located in Columbia, Maryland that specializes in traffic safety epidemiologic and engineering research projects. We have a variety of clients but much of our support comes from the car companies (OEMs), vehicle technology companies, state DOTs and NHTSA.

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Evaluation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS):

Using OEM fleet and crash data we are evaluating the effectiveness of existing and emerging ADAS technologies like automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection and advanced lighting systems.

Driver Alcohol Detection Systems for Safety (DADSS):

IR is supporting the development and field evaluation of two new passive driver alcohol detection technologies. The evaluation includes a full-scale field trial where 40+ vehicles are equipped with the sensors, in-vehicle data acquisition systems are designed and built, and dosing of test passengers are performed.

Fatality Forecasting:

In order to better understand factors driving the 2015 and 2016 increases in traffic fatalities in the US, we are examining changes in behavioral, environmental and technology conditions that may play a role. Forecasting models developed are useful in predicting future changes expected and the impact of potential interventions to improve safety.

Maryland Adult Occupant Protection System Use Survey:

Since 2013, IR has carried out the Maryland NOPUS survey observing safety belt usage for front seat occupants.

Crash investigations:

Since 2007 IR has managed BMW’s Accident Research Program in the US. Our investigations involve in-depth evaluations of the crash site, speaking to police, analyzing vehicle data (on-board and measured), and collection of occupant injury and demographic data as well. Each investigation provides insights into crash causation, vehicle safety performance, and the contribution of driver error.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing:

We are working with OEMs to identify patterns in vehicle captured data, owner reported data and derived datasets to detect safety issues. We utilized Natural Language Processing to parse narrative descriptions and cluster like information for subsequent analysis.


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